Fri, July 18, 2010 12:00


Because horny moms need dick too


From: Vanessa C, San Francisco, CA
"My husband is always traveling for business.. so I use CheatingSluts to find guys to help "fill" my needs... I don't care if people call me a slut, I need sex!"
From: Candy B, Miami, FL
"I don't work... so when my hubbie goes to work, I go to play. I fuck guys everyday when he's gone. He pays the bills, I have fun."
From: Lisa L, New York, NY
"I never really had those "slutty" college years, I was a good girl.. but after being married for a few years, I realized a girl has to cut loose some time. I like meeting guys anonymously for sex, it gives me thrills and makes my pussy so wet."

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